Green Mountain Falls is a quiet and peaceful mountain town with a year-round population of approximately 871.
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The Town of Green Mountain Falls is north of Pikes Peak

and is 11 miles west of Colorado Springs just off U.S. Highway 24.  At an altitude of 7,800 feet, the Town is set in a picturesque narrow mountain valley surrounded on three sides by Pike National Forest. The El Paso County/Teller County line goes North – South through Green Mountain Falls. Sixty two percent (62%) of the town is in El Paso County. Thirty eight percent (38%) is in Teller County. Natural assets include three creeks, waterfalls, a lake, rugged cliffs, forests, wildflowers, and abundant wildlife.

More about Green Mountain Falls…

Green Mountain Falls is a quiet and peaceful mountain town with a year-round population of approximately 871.  The number of people in Town increases significantly in the summer as people from other states arrives to use their family cabins.  These people are commonly called “summer residents” and they bring a sense of tradition and a love for the community.

Architecturally, the Town has a variety of rustic summer log cabins and Victorian houses mixed with newer homes.  The Town’s character is reflected in the preservation of historic structures including the original land office building, hotels, and the Church in the Wildwood.  The Town’s focal point is an 1890 Victorian gazebo on an island in a small lake.

The Town location supports a unique life style by providing a beautiful natural setting for a mountain home close to the employment opportunities, services, and culture of a nearby large city.

Gazebo Lake


  • 100 Lake Street
  • Downtown Green Mountain Falls

The Gazebo, built in 1890, is located in the center of town on what is known as Gazebo Lake. While it may not be considered a normal visitor’s attraction, it is one of the area’s most popular locations. And it is the perfect place to picnic, photograph, relax during a pleasant walk around the lake, or a place to spend quality time with family and loved ones. The Gazebo is also a very popular location for wedding, anniversary, and school prom pictures.


The Green Mountain Falls Trails System consists of 16 magnificent trails totaling more than 20 miles that provide a variety of experiences. All are non-motorized hiking trails.

The American Discovery Trail (ADT), a 6,800 mile long coast-to-coast trail route across America and the Ute Pass Regional Trail, a 40 mile route from Colorado Springs to Cripple Creek, pass through the Town of Green Mountain Falls on a bicycle/pedestrian lane along Ute Pass Avenue.

Two of the Green Mountain Falls trails connect directly to the Ring the Peak Trail, a 57-mile-long loop that circumnavigates Pikes Peak. Most of the system consists of back country single track hiking trails carved out of the forest on the steep ramparts that overlook the Town and feature spectacular views.

The best thing about the hiking trails in Green Mountain Falls is that they are literally just outside the door. In just a matter of minutes you can wander up a trail and be in the thick of nature.


Green Mountain Falls Trails System

Some trails (especially over at the Kirkpatrick Trailhead) are less strenuous and good to do with kids. Some are more difficult if you are looking for a good workout, and some amble along the side of the mountain, if you are looking for time just to stroll and clear your head.

You can find trail maps in this Guest Book, as well as at the Welcome sign near the Gazebo at Gazebo Lake in the middle of town. You can also find maps, and the latest information about the trails at gmfcotrails.org.

Art Walk


Thanks to the annual Green Box Arts Festival held in Green Mountain Falls each June/July (greenboxarts.org) there are several permanent art installations on display throughout town. Start your Art Walk at:

  • 6’ ARC x 4, by Bernar Venet
  • Green Box Arts Farm Stand


  • Rotating billboard installation at Lake Street, by various artists
  • End of Lake Street


  • Four Orbits, by Charles O. Perry
  • Mountain Road Corner


For something unexpected: A lovely, original shop you will enjoy is Stones and Bones, located next door to The Pantry restaurant. They have a selection of nice jewelry and locally made craftwork. The owners, Ken and Melissa Nord, have extracted many stones and gems from the area. They also have a beautiful dog. stonesbonesandwood.com

For Groceries / Liquor / Toiletries: In the 1930s and 40s, Woodland Park was a hot spot for gambling, dancing, and illegal liquor. Now it has a Walmart. Come here for bulk items and drug store essentials. For libations: Paradise Spirit next to Safeway is a nice option not too far from the Walmart.